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From Noon to Midnight.

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On Tap


St. Bernardus Abt 12

De Dolle Arabier

La Trappe Dubbel

De Glazen Toren d'Erpe Mere

Mikkeller Acid Trip BA Red Wine

 Iron Springs Saaz Hands

Ritterguts Gose

Stillwater Toats Gone Wild

High Water Le Petit Diablotin

Evil Twin Imperial Biscotti Break

Hanssens Oudbeitje

Farm Creek Third Rail

Logsdon Wilde Stouterd

Page 24 Sorachi Sour

Russian River Dribble Belt

Fielwork King Citra IIPA

Siren Grapefruit 'Ting Sour IPA

Modern Times Booming Rollers IPA


  We carry hundreds of meticulously chosen and well-cared-for bottles in our bottle shop for you to enjoy here or to go. 


King's Day!

Thursday April 27th

A celebration of the Netherlands

with classic ales from La Trappe!

Keep the glass specials & flights!


What does Øl mean?

It's the Danish word for beer.

Are you Danish?

How do you pronounce it?

Can I bring my baby to Øl?

Can I watch the game?

Why do the bottles have two prices on them?

Why don't you just charge a corkage fee like some of the other Bottleshop hybrids?

Can I rent out Øl for a private party?

Do you take Reservations?

Do you accept credit cards?

Why do you use so many different glasses?

Why is there so much foam in my glass?

What's that Glass Rinser thingy?

When are you open?

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1541 Giammona Drive
Walnut Creek, CA 94596

(925) 210-1147

Open Everyday.
From Noon to Midnight.

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